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Marigold Resources' Exit Strategies for Business Owners

We're experts at successful exits. 

Clockwork like successful exits. Marigold Resources is an Iowa based independently owned M&A advisory firm, located in the Quad Cities.  Started in 2011, Marigold provides business owners strategies for successful exits.

In the thiry-month period 2016 through June 2019, twenty-two business owners celebrated a successful exit as a result of engaging Marigold Resources.

Marigold customers' business transitions are personally guided by one or both Managing Partners. Our team is here for as much or as little as you require.  This includes coachng and brand optimizing a business to increase its value all the way to a successful exit. 

These resources include the following: 

  • Rules of Thumb by Industry Report
  • Value Builder Score & Estimate of Value 
  • Personal Readiness to Exit Analysis 
  • Value Builder System Business Coaching 
  • Brand Optimization & Business Development 
  • Historical Financial EBITDA/SDE Analysis 
  • Seller Documentation Management 
  • Confidential Blind Profile Copywriting 
  • Prospective Buyer List Building & Sourcing 
  • Offering Memorandum Publishing 
  • Confidential Reserve Buyer Marketing 
  • Confidential Worldwide Marketing
  • Buyer Confidentiality NDA & Screening 
  • Buyer Financing Referral  
  • Purchase Offer Development & Analysis
  • Transactional Lawyer & CPA Referral
  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation
  • Deal Team Leadership & Alignment
  • Timely Due Diligence Fulfillment
  • Closing Documentation Coordination
  • Secure Project Management & Archiving

Our most meaningful engagments are with business owners who have realistic and acheivable exit goals. When a business owner understands what needs fixing, and our expertise fills those needs, we all strike gold. 

Practicing good business in our book includes non-disclosure agreements, strict confidentiality and plain language, signed agreements. 

Your business exit strategy is one of the most important considerations in your life. 

Getting out of your office and gathering a new perspective for one whole day is the most important next stpe to find your exit strategy. 

Business owners seeking solutions for more exit options are encouraged to consider qualifying for a Day in Davenport, which includes confirming your Value Builder Score, an Estimate of Value Report and Scenario Planning at our riverfront offices in in Downtown Davenport.

The Marigold Team

Chris Barnard
Managing Partner


Todd McGreevy
Managing Partner


Larry McDonald
Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein
Digital Media Advisor


Tony Morales
Strategic Growth Advisor


Bill Karben
Accounting & Valuation Advisor


John Mack
Business Appraiser


John Crowe
Senior M & A Advisor


What is your business' brand worth?
Realizing the full value from your business’ brand is tough.

And, this doesn’t get easier when the business is in transition. Because a business' brand often drives both interest and long-term value for a would-be buyer, it is critical to optimize one's brand when going to market. 

Marigold Resources provides the skills and experience to help both business buyers and sellers make the most of a business’ brand.

Your brand is made up of the promises your business makes and how well you keep those promises.

Larger companies enjoy some economies of scale, but they play by the same rules smaller companies do, too.

We help business owners optimize their brand.Marigold Resources provides business grooming with brand optimization and professional referrals.
Often times as a business matures, it becomes easy for the owner to neglect the business brand. After all, if a business has a customer base and a cash flow, why fix anything that isn’t broken?

That’s not a rhetorical question. Businesses, especially in their first years, survive on their owners’ ability to quickly react to problems at hand. Strategic planning and brand building, while desirable, often have to happen as time and energy permit.

The story a business owner tells, as they prepare to exit their business, is a critical component to their brand optimization.

Marigold Resources' advisors have the training and experience to effectively recognize where a business may have a branding deficiency.  Often it's a missing sales brochure, a key piece of information that hasn’t made it to the website, or some neglected new technology.

With expert editing and publishing, web development and video marketing, Marigold Labs optimizes a business' brand. These proven products provide measurable value to the current and future owner. 

What needs grooming is usually no surprise.

If you were selling a house, you would expect a good Realtor to recommend the things that can most cost-effectively increases your house's curb appeal, and value.     

You would also expect advice on what not to do, like room additions and swimming pools, that are unlikely to contribute to an increased bottom line.  

Sometimes a busineess' strategic challenge is best solved by a new owner.

Marigold's Branding Labs provides the marketing and communication solutions required to increase the business owner's exit value.

Marigold Resources can assist in optimizing your brand, and make referrals to proven professionals in every aspect of business grooming required -- from accounting and legal to technology and financial planning to product research and sales development.  

We enjoy helping customers solve problems and share great stories.

And, every business' story - no matter how small or large - needs optimized in order to realize maximum value at exit.  

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