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Marigold Resources' Exit Strategies for Business Owners

We're experts at successful exits. 

Clockwork like successful exits. Marigold Resources is an Iowa based independently owned M&A advisory firm, located in the Quad Cities.  Started in 2011, Marigold provides business owners strategies for successful exits.

In the thiry-month period 2016 through June 2019, twenty-two business owners celebrated a successful exit as a result of engaging Marigold Resources.

Marigold customers' business transitions are personally guided by one or both Managing Partners. Our team is here for as much or as little as you require.  This includes coachng and brand optimizing a business to increase its value all the way to a successful exit. 

These resources include the following: 

  • Rules of Thumb by Industry Report
  • Value Builder Score & Estimate of Value 
  • Personal Readiness to Exit Analysis 
  • Value Builder System Business Coaching 
  • Brand Optimization & Business Development 
  • Historical Financial EBITDA/SDE Analysis 
  • Seller Documentation Management 
  • Confidential Blind Profile Copywriting 
  • Prospective Buyer List Building & Sourcing 
  • Offering Memorandum Publishing 
  • Confidential Reserve Buyer Marketing 
  • Confidential Worldwide Marketing
  • Buyer Confidentiality NDA & Screening 
  • Buyer Financing Referral  
  • Purchase Offer Development & Analysis
  • Transactional Lawyer & CPA Referral
  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation
  • Deal Team Leadership & Alignment
  • Timely Due Diligence Fulfillment
  • Closing Documentation Coordination
  • Secure Project Management & Archiving

Our most meaningful engagments are with business owners who have realistic and acheivable exit goals. When a business owner understands what needs fixing, and our expertise fills those needs, we all strike gold. 

Practicing good business in our book includes non-disclosure agreements, strict confidentiality and plain language, signed agreements. 

Your business exit strategy is one of the most important considerations in your life. 

Getting out of your office and gathering a new perspective for one whole day is the most important next stpe to find your exit strategy. 

Business owners seeking solutions for more exit options are encouraged to consider qualifying for a Day in Davenport, which includes confirming your Value Builder Score, an Estimate of Value Report and Scenario Planning at our riverfront offices in in Downtown Davenport.

The Marigold Team

Chris Barnard
Managing Partner


Todd McGreevy
Managing Partner


Larry McDonald
Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein
Digital Media Advisor


Tony Morales
Strategic Growth Advisor


Bill Karben
Accounting & Valuation Advisor


John Mack
Business Appraiser


John Crowe
Senior M & A Advisor


Since 2012, Marigold Resources has made its world headquarters at the 1140 sf finished office space inside an industrial warehouse alongside the Mississippi River in downtown Davenport. The building built in 1920 and added onto in 1971 at 308 E River Drive is the second closest structure to the river in downtown.

Marigold's office overlooks the Arsenal Island bridge, two train tracks, Lock and Dam 15 and the crossroads of the national Mississippi River Trail and American DiscoveryTrail. In the winter one can watch bald eagle's dive for fish 50 yards outside the window. It's centrally located, close to many amenities, and parking-wise situated so business owners can visit discreetly. 
On April 30, 2019 the temporary levee or flood barrier made of HESCO boxes, erected by the City of Davenport right outside Marigold's doors on River Drive gave way. Video of the critical moment was captured by a neighbor's security camera and can be watched here, or below (the breach is at 3:33 mark). 

Managing Partner Chris Barnard was in the office when the barrier broke and the river filled up River Drive and 2nd Street so quickly, Chris' car was nearly washed away (it remains flooded in the parking lot). He and his dog Mick had to be boated out by the Davenport Fire Department, which was captured live by TV crews. Chris has subsequently enjoyed some celebrity status – at least amongst his family and friends who saw him on the footage used on several national news shows. But, we all know that when there's a disaster, getting the shot of the dog being rescued is the money shot. 
Chirs Mick Chris rescued IMG 1429

Managing Partner Todd McGreevy was returning back to Davenport from an out of state road trip when the levee broke. The next day Marigold's Branding Advisor Larry McDonald equipped Todd with a small kayak and gear to gain access. 

The previous record for flooding was set in 1993 at 22.6 feet and in 2019, the river has beat that record by getting to 22.7 feet on May 3rd.  The good news is the building has no basement, and the office and warehouse level are at 22.8 feet high in river depth measurement. 

Subsequently, at its crest, this flood came within 1” of breaching the Marigold office spaces. The office still has power and until last Friday, had internet and phones. McGreevy even took a couple calls while policing up items in preparation for rising waters.

Marigold has been fortunate to have many friends and colleagues who have offered temporary office space during this disaster. The office number 563-424-5707 is working and advisors are checking voicemail from afar. While temp office details are being worked out, for the time being Barnard and McGreevy can also be reached by e-mail and cell phone.

Now that the river has crested and is receding, and additional measures have been taken to protect the office should the river rise to a new record again, Marigold's customers should experience very little disruption in the high touch service these M&A advisors provide. 

Marigold annually guides 6 to 12 business owners to successful exits.  Since 2016, these transitions happened in part because of the expertise and professionalism of the following deal team partners, and their staff:

  • Adam Ulrich - Reimer, Lohman, Reitz, Sailer & Ullrich
  • Alicia D. Gieck - H.J. Dane Law 
  • Amy Crist - TBK Bank 
  • Andy Katrichis - Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • Ben Yeggy - Gomez & May
  • Beth Tinsman - Twin States Technical Services
  • Bob McGowen - McGowen Hurst Clark Smith 
  • Bob Thomas - Gallagher Insurance 
  • Brandon Bremer - Plante Moran
  • Brian Mensen - Billings & Mensen
  • Brian Newton - McGowen Hurst Clark Smith 
  • Brian Sims - Bass Berry & Sims
  • Chad Witter - Witter Consulting Group, Inc. 
  • Chad Ervin - IHMVCU
  • Christopher S. Talcott - Davis Brown Law Firm 
  • Dan Hartnett - Crary, Huff, Ringgenberg, Hartnett & Storm PC
  • David Weirmann - Wessles & Wierman, P.C.
  • Dennis McMenimen - Shuttleworth & Ingersoll
  • Erik S. Fisk - Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.
  • Evan Blakley - Chamber & Development Office Crawford County 
  • Evan Muench - IHMVCU  
  • James O'Donnell - First American Title Insurance Company
  • Jeremy Saint - Crary, Huff, Ringgenberg, Hartnett & Storm PC
  • Jerry Pepping - Pepping, Balk, Kincaid & Olson
  • Jennifer Kincaid - Pepping, Balk, Kincaid & Olson
  • Joel Young, Small Business Development Center
  • John Timmer - Timmer & Associates, P.C.
  • Kent Unwin - Mel Foster Insurance
  • Kevin Koellner - Build to Suit, Inc. 
  • Kyle Day - Lane & Waterman 
  • Louis A. Bevilacqua - Bevilacqua, PLLC 
  • Marie R. Tarbox - Gosma, Tarbox & Associates 
  • Mark Nelson, Roy Fisher & Associates 
  • Mark Salmon - Caster Frame, PC
  • Mark Smith - Smith Monson LLC 
  • Matthew Reinert - Rutan & TuckerLLP
  • Mike Gorsline - Vollertsen, Britt & Gorsline, P.C.
  • Mike Slater - Vital Financial Services 
  • Michael Holley - Bass Berry & Sims
  • Nathan Runde - Clemens, Walters, Conlon, Runde & Hiatt, L.L.P.
  • Nathan A. Russell - Elverson Vasey 
  • Paul Nagovan - Nagovan & Stieger 
  • R. Scott Van Vooren - Lane & Waterman 
  • Ralph W. Heninger - Heninger & Heninger 
  • Randy Sovey - Huckfeldt & Smith
  • Richard Davidson - Lane & Waterman
  • Richard Zahasky - Anderson Law
  • Rush Nigut - Brick Gentry Law 
  • Ryan J. Bullerman - Hacker, Nelson & Co., P.C.
  • Steven Jacobs - BCC Advisors 
  • Steven Kahler - Schoenthaler, Bartelt, Kahler & Reicks
  • Steven Krohn - Smith Petersen Law 
  • Ted Oldt III - Lane & Waterman
  • Thomas J. Pastrnak - Pastrnak Law Firm, P.C.
  • Travis Cutler - Gallagher Insurance 
  • Troy D. Venner - Pastrnk Law Firm, P.C.
  • William J. Karben - Carpentier, Mitchell, Goddard & Co.



croweM & A Advisor

Many business owners in the region know and trust John Crowe. He has over forty years of experience in all aspects of small business including commercial bank lending for closely held local banks and previously with publicly traded national companies. Crowe has consulted with clients that range from distressed banks and holding companies to credit unions, hundreds of small businesses and the FDIC over a seventeen state area. As a banker and business broker, John has been directly involved in the valuation, marketing and execution of successful exits for over one hundred businesses. Both buyers and sellers are fortunate to have John's ear when it counts. And, Marigold is fortunate to assist John's clients when they are ready to buy or sell.

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