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Marigold Resources' Exit Strategies for Business Owners

We're experts at successful exits. 

Clockwork like successful exits. Marigold Resources is an Iowa based independently owned M&A advisory firm, located in the Quad Cities.  Started in 2011, Marigold provides business owners strategies for successful exits.

In the thiry-month period 2016 through June 2019, twenty-two business owners celebrated a successful exit as a result of engaging Marigold Resources.

Marigold customers' business transitions are personally guided by one or both Managing Partners. Our team is here for as much or as little as you require.  This includes coachng and brand optimizing a business to increase its value all the way to a successful exit. 

These resources include the following: 

  • Rules of Thumb by Industry Report
  • Value Builder Score & Estimate of Value 
  • Personal Readiness to Exit Analysis 
  • Value Builder System Business Coaching 
  • Brand Optimization & Business Development 
  • Historical Financial EBITDA/SDE Analysis 
  • Seller Documentation Management 
  • Confidential Blind Profile Copywriting 
  • Prospective Buyer List Building & Sourcing 
  • Offering Memorandum Publishing 
  • Confidential Reserve Buyer Marketing 
  • Confidential Worldwide Marketing
  • Buyer Confidentiality NDA & Screening 
  • Buyer Financing Referral  
  • Purchase Offer Development & Analysis
  • Transactional Lawyer & CPA Referral
  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation
  • Deal Team Leadership & Alignment
  • Timely Due Diligence Fulfillment
  • Closing Documentation Coordination
  • Secure Project Management & Archiving

Our most meaningful engagments are with business owners who have realistic and acheivable exit goals. When a business owner understands what needs fixing, and our expertise fills those needs, we all strike gold. 

Practicing good business in our book includes non-disclosure agreements, strict confidentiality and plain language, signed agreements. 

Your business exit strategy is one of the most important considerations in your life. 

Getting out of your office and gathering a new perspective for one whole day is the most important next stpe to find your exit strategy. 

Business owners seeking solutions for more exit options are encouraged to consider qualifying for a Day in Davenport, which includes confirming your Value Builder Score, an Estimate of Value Report and Scenario Planning at our riverfront offices in in Downtown Davenport.

The Marigold Team

Chris Barnard
Managing Partner


Todd McGreevy
Managing Partner


Larry McDonald
Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein
Digital Media Advisor


Tony Morales
Strategic Growth Advisor


Bill Karben
Accounting & Valuation Advisor


John Mack
Business Appraiser


John Crowe
Senior M & A Advisor


There are 8 Key Drivers of Company Value that acquirers look for when considering whether or not they want to buy a company. Here are some of the best episodes of Built to Sell Radio where entrepreneurs share their real-life stories and highlight how the 8 drivers affected their exits.

julie nirvelli21. Financial Performance

In Episode 145, Julie Nirvelli’s salsa company was on the brink of bankruptcy, despite having distribution agreements with big-name retailers like Whole Foods and Kroger. Nirvelli struggled to scale because she had a negative cash flow cycle. She had to buy raw material, design packaging, market her product, and then sit around and wait for her distributor to pay her weeks later.

She sent a last-ditch email to four potential acquirers – and you won’t believe what happened next.

2. Growth Potential

claude theoret2In Episode 124, Claude Theoret got almost four times revenue for his company, in part because he built a powerful financial model that demonstrated the growth potential of his business to acquirers. Find out the steps he took to build an attractive acquisition.

3. Switzerland Structure

In Episode 130, Harpaul Sambhi had a successful exit, but one of the things that nearly derailed the process was how dependent his business was on the social media platforms that were essential to his product. If your business is over-reliant on a single employee, customer, or promotional channel, listen now as Sambhi discusses how he overcame this obstacle.

4. Valuation Teeter-Totter

In Episode 133, Tevya Finger mastered the Valuation Teeter-Totter. Finger’s cash flow could have been compromised, as hair salons are notoriously slow to pay invoices, but he found a way to get their cash early. Listen now to learn his secret.

5. Recurring Revenue

In Episode 152, David Hauser bootstrapped Grasshopper into a recurring revenue juggernaut. His model was so well designed that Hauser and his business partner walked away with $165 million in cash and additional stocks from Citrix. Find out how he did it.

6. Monopoly Control

In Episode 137, Tomas Gorny’s mission-driven approach to simplifying website hosting set him apart in the industry. Listen in to find out how you can also differentiate yourself from your competitors.

7. Customer Satisfaction

In Episode 156, George Bandarian II focused on what he calls ‘customer delight’. By turning his customers into his biggest supporters, he was able to take his family business from a remnant of a dying industry into a huge exit. Find out how customer delight created a world-class company.

8. Hub and Spoke

Many small businesses struggle when the founder steps away. In Episode 141, Stephanie Leshney discusses how she helped transition her family’s business, Ross Organic, after taking over the company from her father. She has some great strategies if you’re planning to exit from a family-owned enterprise.

Do you want to improve the value of your business?

Give us a call at (563) 424-5707 or drop us an email from our contact page and we’ll get in touch to discuss our proven methodology for maximizing the value of your business.

Today, video is everywhere.  

It’s not just on the TV, it’s on our phones, laptops, tablets, and billboards big and small.  

Video is the new standard for the most impactful and distributable communication we cannot afford to not have. 

Successfully creating and deploying effective videos made for your business is no longer considered a luxury available to multi-billion dollar corporations like Google and Apple.

While corporate style video has become an industry standard, there are more ways to utilize effective video to benefit your business than you may realize.

Below are the top 10 ways we have helped customers use video to build their company's value.

  1. Profile
  2. Promotional
  3. Capabilities
  4. Internal
  5. Recruiting
  6. How-To
  7. Testimonial
  8. Events
  9. Documentary
  10. CSR Video

1. Profile

A good profile video can be especially helpful when a business is trying to introduce itself to a new market.  Short or long form, the profile video is utilitarian in  introducing your company to potential stakeholders and explaining the value of your products or services you provide.


2. Promotional

A promotional video is designed to showcase a product, service or event. These can be utilized in multiple mediums from HD television broadcasting to online viral video. The promotional video improves brand recognition and retains engagement with entertaining elements.


3. Capabilities

Capabilities videos speak to audiences within a specific industry or demographic.  The information about products and services is presented to an audience that is familiar with your industry and already buys the products and services you provide. 


4. Internal

Internal communication videos are characteristically used to share information within the company and by extension to its customers. An internally focused video can be used to educate staff about a company policy, express your business' mission, celebrate an anniversary or achievment, and explain an upcoming project or product release. 

5. Recruitment

You can attract skilled and talented staff with effective recruitment video. Your business' style and culture will attract like-minded new team members. Whether you recruit on TV, social media, at your own web-site, inside your facility, or at trade shows, your HR department loves video that attracts and pre-qualifies the best candidates. 

6. How-To

Supplementing staff training with useful how-to video saves time and helps ensure both mission and task retention. Posting such videos online allows employees to view the videos nearly anywhere, anytime.  Alternatively, how-to video can be a superb brand builder showing customers and prospects how to use your product most effecively. 

7. Testimonial

Authentic testimonial videos inform and build confidence for new customers to further investigate what value your business can provide.  There's no stronger advertising than word of mouth and testimonial videos memorialize and celebrate your biggest fans' experiences.

8. Events

A great way to document company milestones is by recording your corporate events. It can be used in recruiting or bringing in new clients. Corporate events can include more than just celebrations, including conferences and seminars, to be viewed by those unable to attend.

9. Documentary

Effective behind-the-scenes style documentary video achieves ‘advertising without advertising’ and expands your business’ transparency.  These projects ensure your business' legacy is preserved, oftentimes directly from your most experienced and long-time staffers. Telling a compelling story documentary style engages stakeholders to consider how your business' history can add value to its future. 

10. Corporate Social Responsibility

A corporate social responsibility video is designed to showcase what your business is doing to help the people where you live. It could feature any charities or foundations you are involved with, staff volunteerism, what you are doing to take care of your employees.


These ten video themes or styles are not mutually exclusive. A documentary-style video might utilize on-camera comments featured in a profile, with customer testimonials, with a sponsored event video. A promotional video may include portions of a company profile, combined with a new service captured in a capabilities video. You build measurable internal and external value for your business when you invest in effective and professional video communications.
We would love to discuss the far-reaching benefits of effective video with you today. 
CLICK HERE to watch Marigold Resources produced videos. 

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