You're Invited to a Day in Davenport

If your business exceeds $3MM in top-line annual sales, and you want to explore having more options when it comes time to exit your business, we can help.

All business owners who hire Marigold Resources for a Value Builder Estimate of Value* engagement are invited to bring their spouse or management team for a day-trip or overnight stay, to the Quad Cities.

Marigold will put you up at one of the two modern and historic hotels in downtown Davenport – Hotel Blackhawk or The Current.

And it's the adventure of your choosing that can include a visit to the riverfront Figge Art Museum, a River Bandits baseball game at our nationally recognized riverfront stadium, tour our award winning craft breweries, or a round of golf at the TPC Deere Run.

We have loads of wonderful dining options, and there's shopping in the Village of East Davenport or LeClaire, home base for American Pickers, for a historic retail experience.

We'll go over your Value Builder Score, review Scenario Planning and how to improve your Estimate of Value. In the relaxed setting of our downtown Davenport conference room, we will explore next best steps and milestones for your successful exit.

It's a no obligation opportunity for qualified businesses.

And, whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you could, we will provide you insights into 8 key value drivers that measurably increase your business exit options.

*Published pricing for the Estimate of Value Engagment is $2,495.00.  

Marigold will provide business owners who have completed the complimentary Value Builder Score the following:

1. Value Builder Report with Estimate of Value: 28-page white paper that includes current Estimate of value, and future potential estimate of value with a Value Builder Score of 80

2. Analysis of 8 Key Value Drivers and how their business scored in each key area

3. 40 questions each business owners should be asking themselves and their advisors, organized by 8 Key Value Drivers 

4. Scenario Planning and Valuation Forecasting: In consult with Marigold advisors, modify scoring for highest impact Drivers for your business/industry while forecasting future profits and establish a future Value Builder Score and Estimate of Value Forecast.  

5. Short Buyer List, including sorting out prospective strategic and financial buyers based on the 5 to 20 Rule. 

6. Back of the Envelope Test: What will you do when you exit and can you afford it now? 
7. Engagment Options Review: What are the steps, fees and deliverables for Marigold Resources to assist my business in Buying, Selling or Growing? 
Download samples of select work products outlined above. 

Business owners that engage Marigold Resources to exclusively assist with their business exit hae the $2,495 is credited towards any listing engagement fees . . . all of which can be rebated back at closing.

Contact one of our managing partners Chris Barnard or Todd McGreevy today to learn more at (563) 424-5707 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.