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Ideal for OEM Re-Shoring Plastics Parts

The Company specializes in plastics thermoforming and sheet extrusion. This business is ideal for an OEM that wants to re-shore their plastic component parts sourcing.

The Company works with customers for prototyping, design, fabrication and finishing of thermoformed and injection molded products. The Company also prototypes products for other forms of manufacturing and prides itself on servicing both large and small customers within consumer and industrial markets.

The Company’s manufacturing process includes the use of several types of plastic: high impact polystyrene (HIPS), high and low density polyethylene, high molecular weight polyethylene, ABS, co- extruded ABS and HIPS with an acrylic KORAD cap sheet stock, and polycarbonate.

The Company is capable of forming thin to thick gauge parts and is currently forming parts with a starting gauge of .350" and a 5.1 draw ratio.

The Company’s capabilities range from prototypes and low volume runs, to unlimited large volume runs; from simple to complex, and small to large parts.  

Fabricating operations include trim presses, routing, punching, sonic welding, solvent welding and additional assembling and finishing stations.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) has become an important part of normal production to facilitate high standards of achievement through the entire manufacturing process.

Company has worked with a diverse set of customers to produce outstanding products within multiple industries.

The Company generates revenues from worldwide customer sales in four main segments, with the following % of sales in 2018:

Building Products (45%) 
• Unique & Fade-Proof Shutters • Window Awnings • Door Canopies 

Trademarked Poultry Products (25%) 
• Sun Deflectors • Light Shields • Ventilation Doors • Feeder Lids  

Custom Jobs (15%) 

U-Line (7%) 

Lube Liners (10” to 36”) for Trucking Industry (8%)


The Company employs six full-time employees and temp to hire workers on demand, at a single 40,000+ square foot location with office space and a manufacturing facility

Market Position 

Currently, the Company generates approximately 95% of its revenue from repeat customers. Management cites the diverse array of equipment offers the flexibility for small and large batch projects. In addition, the Company’s management team maintains a core competency to maximize utilization rates and minimize equipment downtimes while reducing and eliminating bottlenecks through a well-thought-out process layout.
Growth & Expansion 
Management estimates the Company will be able to generate sales of $12,500,000 with the current equipment base given the implementation of a second or third shift as the Company is currently operating with a single shift. As a result, management anticipates minimal capital expenditures to continue on current pace.
 Estimated 2019 Sales: $1,360,000
Estimated 2019 EBITDA:  $312,000
Inventory:  $714,000
FF&E:  $500,000
Employees: 6FT,3PT
Facility Owned by Seller: 40,000+ sf

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