64483 Auto Salvage Historical EBITDA 2018 2020

The Company specializes as an auto salvage company. The Company purchases wrecked vehicles, dismantles them, sells the reusable parts, then crushes and sells the bodies for scrap.

The Company also sells some of the vehicles as used cars. It has over 35 acres worth of computerized inventory that can be checked in real time. In 2019, the Company purchased and processed 1,350 vehicles.

The Company serves the auto parts market, which includes auto part stores, repairs shops, and do-it-yourselfers (56% of 2020 revenue), as well as the scrap market (34%), and used car market (10%).


  • Over 56 years in operation 
  • Minimal debt
  • 11 FT staff  


  • Increase core business efficiency  
  • Develop sales & marketing 
  • Geographic expansion 


Strong Client Relationships - The Company has many loyal and longstanding customers, and a high rate of repeat business. Three of the top five customers in 2020, for example, have been doing business with the Company since 1998 or 2000.

Real Estate - The Company-owned and shareholder-owned real estate comprises approximately 36 industrial-zoned acres, is well located on a highly-trafficked road near a major highway, abuts two rail lines, and has a six-inch gas line and multiple electrical feeds

Strong Balance Sheet - Unadjusted shareholders’ equity at December 31, 2020 was $487,000 and Working Capital was $459,000. • Superior Name and Reputation - The Company is a well-established and widely trusted name in the auto salvage industry. The Company is well known for its expertise, expansive inventory, and excellent customer service .

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