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The Company specializes in creating residential and commercial millwork packages of moldings, doors, stair parts, hardwood flooring, and many more wood products and hardware. the product mix includes doors (27% of sales), casing and base molding (20%), stair parts (13%), and other trims and finishing (36%).

The Company serves architectural design/build firms (36% of LHY revenue), lumber yards (40%), custom home builders (12%), cabinet dealers (4%), dealers (4%), and homeowners (4%). The Company operates out of its own 12,500 sq. ft. facility that can support growth.


  • 15 yrs of operations
  • Strong regional presence
  • 12 full-time employees  


  • Hire additional employees 
  • Develop sales & marketing 
  • Geographic expansion 


Specialized Expertise - The Company is known for it's expertise in producing complete trim packages, all with a cabinet grade finish - whether it's matching existing mouldings, or creating a custom moulding - the trims are milled to exact specifications in whatever wood species and stain color the customer desires. These trim packages can include doors, stair parts, hardwood flooring, all stained to go with the trims, which can be job site delivered by the Company.

Annuitized Revenue Stream  - The Company has a 92% rate of recurring customer revenue. Its lumber yard customers and other dealer markets order on a regular basis to support their inventory and sales projections; and the Company is sole-source, or primary source, for other contractor and architect firms.

Rising Gross Profits Trend - Gross margins expanded from 24% to 30% in 2019, and are expected to reach 32% or higher in 2021, due to recent equipment additions that reduce labor costs.

Recent Capacity/Infrastructure Upgrades - The Company added an automated spray line 2018 and an automated optimizing ripsaw in 2019, adding significant capacity and efficiency to the Company's already streamlined production process.


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