$9.12MM 2018 Sales
$8.80MM 2019 Sales

70,000 sf Multi-Function Facility 

The upper-Midwest Company operates a highly recognized, family founded and owned, premier ISO 9001:2015 certified machining and fabrication business. 

The Company's machining capabilities, fabrication and repair expertise, stocking and lead times set the business apart in the precision manufacturing industry. 

From highly complex parts, both large and small, to one off's and prototypes, short or long runs this business provides customers profitable solutions, including a stocking program while generating higher margins on larger quantities. 

Specialties include, but are not limited to, contract machining, customer designed product repair and fabrication of primarily stainless steels, cast and forged steels, mild steels, and non-ferrous alloys.

62257 2015 2019 Historical Income EBITDA SummaryCapabilities:  

  • Short Run/Prototype
  • Large Part Machining
  • CNC Large and Small
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance Machining
  • Wind Turbine Main Shaft & Gearbox Repair
  • HVOF and Thermal Spray Coatings
  • On-Site Machining
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Selective Brush Plating 

Customers & Markets:  Local customers, and regional plants within global industries, rely upon the Company's repair department for short leads, thorough repairs and competitive pricing. The Company currently excels at the machining, manufacturing and repairing of wind generation gearboxes and main shafts, parts used in the food processing, medical, pulp+paper mill, oil+gas industry equipment, and parts used in road building, rock crushing and mining equipment. Industry sectors served include manufacturing (30%), rock crushing and mining (20%), roadbuilding (20%), and other industrial customers (30%).

Employee Base: Operations are supported by 57 full time and 3 part time employees. The employee base includes 40 machinists, 3 warehousemen, 7 foremen or team leaders, 1 salesperson, 1 administrative, and 5 corporate management employees. 

Facilities and Equipment: The Company operates from a 60,0000 square foot environmentally controlled facility with well organized production and shipping best practices. They have an additional 10,000 square feet dedicated to warehousing, wet painting, blasting, welding, grinding and heat treating. Large (500 to 10,0000 pounds) jobs are handled by over ten overhead cranes that can handle up to 15 tons, as well as multiple high capacity material moving vehicles. 

Success Drivers: The Company has excelled in both operational, and market strategies over its long history, continually developing and expanding its expertise in key areas, including: 

Capacity/Specialization: Since inception, management has directed operations away from general machining or product markets, and built its capabilities to support products/markets geared toward a higher level of industrial/technological demand markets. These include both close-tolerance, small part, but also significant expertise in large part repair/maintenance for large-scale industrial equipment. This expertise has led to long-term recurring customers, who trust the Company's process and capabilities, and new customers who are attracted to their mission-critical processes. 

Reinvestment: The Company has continually upgraded and reinvested in state-of the-art equipment, resulting in growth along with its customer product development markets and flexibility in its capabilities for new potential customers. 

Controlled Development/Key Markets: Management has been conservative in growing the Company in respective markets, and in volume. The Company’s development history has been marked by procuring projects and serving customers/markets where it has an edge, can utilize core competencies, achieve favorable margins, and enhance its reputation and relationship in respective industries. This has resulted in consistently profitable operations, and entrenchment in high-value markets. 

Reason for Selling: Retirement planning; Seller open to a minority stake in new-co or merger 


Upon receipt of this completed and digitally executed NDA below, we will follow up by phone and/or e-mail to qualify providing the complete offering memorandum and schedule a time to discuss the opportunity further. 

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