Drafting LDAR Services for Chemical Refinery Industries 2018 Sales $1.6MM

The Company delivers modern environmental testing and industrial systems design and drafting solutions combined with old-school service.

Customers & Markets

The decision makers the Company serves are primarily engineers, architects, project managers, contractors and industrial manufacturers.

In 2018, revenue was derived from environmental services (72%), design/drafting services (17%), and field services (11%).

The Midwest based Company has succeeded, in part, by developing disruptive technology that saves speciality chemical and refining customers time and money.

The Company primarily serves the chemical/ specialty chemical market (63% in 2018) as well as refining (15%), commercial construction (11%), and industrial (11%) markets.

Customers are mainly located in the Midwest (69% in 2018) as well as the East (19%), South (9%), and West (3%).

In 2018, key customers were Customer A in specialty chemicals (6%), Customer B in specialty chemicals (16%), Customer C in mining and chemicals (5%), Customer D in polymers and resins (6%), and Customer E in specialty chemicals (7%).

LDAR Revolution

Beyond contract drafting and design work the Company's proprietary Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) suite of software and environmental field testing services provide customers with inventory solutions exceeding mandatory regulatory approvals that incumbent vendors currently provide. These LDAR tools and interfaces are unavailable anywhere else globally.

The Company's proprietary LDAR product/service begins with an isometric drawing that empowers customers to manage inventories in the same perspective they see it – in 3D. The Company's LDAR product user interface gives customers searching and reporting tools to quickly and efficiently manage change with fast identification, easy documentation, effective communication and secure archiving.

The Company's product/ service unifies three of the most difficult to manage aspects of LDAR – tags,

PIDs, and databases – and measurably increases the customers' regulatorycompliance.

Component inventory is never out of date with real- time MOC integration that bridges the gap between PID update events. The Company provides an intuitive link between a customer's environmental department and their repair personnel.

These proficiencies are routinely reducing customers' LDAR program costs by 25-40% annually.

The Company is a leading edge pioneer in sustainable compliance, inventory control and cost- savings fugitive emissions management.

This federally mandated industry sector is known for a high degree of customer dissatisfaction.

Subsequently, the Company enjoys loyal customer relationships that are predictable and profitable.

Building Information Modeling & MEP Contractors

The Company is also building a reputation for being the most effective BIM provider, and continues to develop brand loyalty and long-term relationships with MEP contractors.

Services provided:

Industrial Design/ Drafting

Mechanical Design/ Drafting

Commercial Drafting

Piping System Design/Drafting

Field Services

PID (Piping and

Instrument Diagram)


System Validations

BIM Drafting and Hosting

3D Design/Drafting and Scanning

MEP Design/Drafting

Non-proprietary software platforms:




Plant Design Suite• Revit


Staff & Facility

The Company has 15 full-time team members including the two owners, and 3 part-time support staff.

The Company occupies a 3,000 square foot office it acquired and updated in 2012.


Gross Revenue:  $1,074,000
EBITDA: $239,000

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