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Automation & Integration Design-Build Firm

$2.4MM 2019 Est  Sales | $400K Est EBITDA | Midwest HQ 

The Company is a high end residential design build contractor providing automation, entertainment and integration solutions in luxury homes, mixed-use buildings, and restaurants.

The team takes a collaborative approach to each project; working with the customer, the Architect, Interior Designer, Builder and Trade Partners to ensure that the system integrates seamlessly with the environment.

The Company works with individuals and commercial entities that desire to set up all the entire home or office with electronic systems so that the tasks done are automated or controlled with the touch of abutton on a smart phone, tablet, or a wall‐mounted or wireless touch screen.

The Company operatesfrom a 3,000 square foot facility offering office space and meeting rooms, with the back portion utilized for warehouse and assembly.  

Highlighted Investment Considerations 

Highlighted Investment Considerations

  • Diversified Customer Base: No single customer accounted for more than 6% of revenue during the historical pe- riod. The diversified customer base helps ensure that the Company will not be significantly impacted by the loss of a single account.

  • Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has been serving the high tech needs of its customers for manyyears and has a reputation for reliable service, fast response times, and competitive pricing. The Company’s re-sume includes estate homes throughout the United States ranging from 4,000 to 65,000 square feet, luxury con- dominiums in prestigious developments, custom renovations and additions. The quality of this resume speaks for the Company and drives the repeat business the Company has grown accustomed to. It has also lead to the nu- merous awards listed earlier in this document.

  • Highly Profitable Niche Business: The high-tech product and services offered by the Company leads itself to have clients that are typically quite affluent. This provides the Company an opportunity to generate high margins for its products without alienating its client base.

  • Strong Net Working Capital: Current assets were valued at more than $1 million as of December 31, 2018 and current liabilities were valued at $256,000 at the same time. This working capital situation presents the Company with strong cash flow and ample opportunity for short and long term investment to facilitate growth.


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