LMT Pumper Truck Tank

Business Asking Price: $600,000

Real Estate: $335,000 (not included in asking price)

Annual Sales & Adjusted EBITDA

  • 2018 $2MM : $200K
  • 2019 $1.7MM : $130K
  • 2020 $1.8MM : ($85K)
  • 2021 YTD June $1.05MM: $100K 


Attractive Attributes 

  • Potential $1MM annual contract with pumper truck manufacturer/dealer 
  • Four decades of solid branding in steel tank engineering and manufacturing 
  • Superb reputation with end users and pumper truck dealerships nationwide 
  • Turn-key shop with capacity for growth 
  • Continuous improvement in processes 
  • Best of breed in branding, marketing collateral and communications 
  • Excellent relationships with pump distributors and manufacturers 
  • Intellectual property & US wide rights to stand alone hydro-excavation solution 
  • Thorough & extensive financial record keeping 
  • Over 11,000 contacts in robust CRM tool 
  • Productivity tools used by management 



  • Aging staff 
  • Openings for two painters, one welder   
  • Customer pricing elasticity 
  • Steel pricing fluctuations 

Background & Business Summary

  • The business was founded in the early 1980's by one of this region's most successful independent manufacturers
  • The business manufacturers vacuum tanks for septic service, portable sanitation, waste oil collection and other pumper truck applications
  • The business has relationships with domestic and international vacuum pump OEM's which it includes in many of its pumper truck solutions
  • The business sells to both end users and pumper truck dealerships nationwide
  • The business also manufacturers a line of hydro excavation equipment
  • The business is privately owned by the founder's daughter and son-in-law (Sellers) who took over the business when the founder died
  • Son-in-law runs the day to day business and works part-time from home over an hour away and part-time on site, founder's daughter is not involved in the day to day business at all
  • Sellers wish to pursue unrelated interests 

Capabilities & Equipment 

  • Steel Fabrication & Welding
  • Cold steel metal bending
  • Wet Paint Booth - 16'W x 40'L x 16'H w/ Cross-Draft, Direct Fire Make-Up & Curing System
  • Overhead 3-Axis Bridge Cranes - (1) 5 Ton & (1) 10 Ton
  • The business has all the equipment required to fabricate from raw materials 1,800 to 3,500 gallon septic, grease and portable sanitation tanks to OEM specs and/or built to order with attachments and features  


  • 1 PT owner/gm 
  • 1 FT office admin
  • 1 FT sales & operations (new hire, expert in floater truck tech and biz dev)    
  • 1 FT marketing & sales 
  • 1 FT remote sales 
  • 1 FT plant manager
  • 4 FT welders 
  • 1 FT maintenance electrician 
  • 1 FT general fabricator 
  • 1 PT vacuum pump tech 
  • Hourly monthly payroll is $27K
  • Salaried monthly payroll is $17K
  • Owner monthly comp is $6K

Facilities & Real Estate 

  • 3.98 acres location 
  • 28,500 sf manufacturing facility with three bays 60'-70' wide x 150' deep 
  • 2,600 sf office with reception, offices, conference rooms 
  • 2 bay loading dock for shipping & receiving 
  • Large parking areas, lay down yard, outdoor storage 
  • Solar panels owned by Seller onsite provide 50% annual energy usage


Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) 

Qualified buyers that complete and submit electronically this NDA form will be provided a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) with the following information: 

CIM 1.0 

  • Financial Reporting & Documentation 2017-2020 andYTD  
  • Tax Returns 2017-2019 
  • Sales by Customer 2018 to YTD  
  • AR/AP Aging Reports
  • Current WIP Report & Backlog 
  • Organizational Chart & Staffing Details 
  • Fixed Asset List with Age, Description and Acquisition Cost 
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral Samples 
  • Hydro Excavation Equipment Details 

Upon receipt of this completed and digitally executed NDA below (or from direct link here) we will follow up by phone and/or e-mail to qualify providing the complete offering memorandum and schedule a time to discuss the opportunity further.