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Top Tier Midwest Location Serving Hotels, Civic Parks, High Rise Condos, Apartment Complexes, Offices, Big Box Retail

Extensive operations and project management systems in place afford this business the capabilities to pick and choose the most challenging and rewarding high-profile and profitable projects. 

The Company is a premier commercial landscaping contractor engaged in landscape maintenance, snowplowing, ground level landscaping, green roof landscaping, paver installation, and segmental retaining wall construction. In 2018, management estimates that revenue was generated through the following channels: Pavers/Retaining Walls (27%), Green Roofs (21%), Ground Level Landscaping (21%), Maintenance (16%), Subcontractors (12%), and Snowplowing (3%).

The Company specializes in large, complex projects, and on the strength of its stellar reputation with the major General Contractors in the area, has completed many projects above the $300,000 in revenue threshold. The Company targets Offices (40% of 2018 revenue), Apartments (35%), Homeowner’s Associations (10%), Retail (10%), and Assisted Living facilities (5%). The Company has a recurring customer base of over 200 and a 70% rate of recurring revenue.

Customer projects include national chain super center landscaping, multi-story green-roof projects requiring crane and heavy lifting expertise and engineering, as well as large scale multi-year civic parks & recreation sites.


Multiple facilities, offices, mechanics' shop and storage buildings on a 12+ acre farm, zoned agriculture adjacent to top tier DMA. Offices for finance, design and project management staff, plus parking for maintenance staff for daily deployment. Business has extensive drip watering system in place on numerous acres for staging plant materials and tree inventory for small to massive customer projects.

Market Position 

The Company’s average project generates $800,000 - $1,000,000 in revenue. However, the Company prefers larger, more complex projects, which allow the Company to display its project management expertise and delight clients. The Company’s largest project during the historical period generated $4,600,000 in revenue. The Company has a strong contingent of project managers, who are all OSHA 30 certified, seasoned veterans who understand how to handle projects both large and small from start to finish. From estimating and obtaining submittals, to scheduling and installing, the Company’s superior staff have been one of its key success factors.

Growth & Expansion 
As of September 2019, the Company has a multi-year backlog of over $10,700,000. Sales have increased in each year of the historical period, from $11,266,000 in 2016 to $12,740,000 in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 6.3%. Sales are expected to increase 13.3% to $14,429,000 in the base year 2019.
 Estimated 2019 Sales: $14,400,000
Estimated 2019 EBITDA:  $1,470,000
Inventory:  $300,000
FF&E:  $3,000,000
Employees: 89 FTE
Facilities: 12+ Acres, 16,000 sf shops, offices, storeage

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