$3.05MM Annual Sales  $482M EBITDA*  ~8,000 BBLs/Year 

Midwest Craft Brewery For Sale

   This 20+ year old company operates as a full-service craft brewery, bar and restaurant. The Company produces approximately 8,000 barrels of beer annually. It has won many craft beer awards and its products are sold at its two Midwestern pubs and through distributors. The Company's products can be found in stores, bars, and restaurants in three Midwestern states.

Just How Big is the Gluten-Free Beer Consumer Market in USA? 

New Planet Gluten-Free Craft BeerFounder of New Panet Brew has engaged Marigold Resources to souce a strategic partner capable of addressing the $800MM annual gluten-free beer demand in USA.

Seeking strategic buyer/ partner to expand the business and capitalize on proprietary process in a niche shelf SKU, and growing health minded market. 

New Planet Brewing is an award winning craft beer from Colorado that tastes great and has authenticity that multi-national bottlers/canners cannot duplicate, but it has a proprietary process and ingredient that is unique to all GF beer manufacturers in USA.  Seller wishes to transact on price per barrel for trailing twelve months' production and distribution.  Seller available for up to full-time employment with new owner.