concrete blocks iStock 812716310$3.9 Million Annual Sales
$278,000 EBITDA 

Customers and Markets: The Company carries a wide variety of concrete construction supplies that include everything from poured walls to decorative concrete.

The Company also supplies rebar and does custom fabricating to meet specific needs. Job site delivery is also available for a client’s convenience.


 Asking Price: Inquire
Gross Revenue: $3,900,000
EBTIDA: $278,000 

Diversified Customer Base: No single customer accounted for more than 12% of revenue during last three years.

Superior Name and Reputation: The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation for offering reliable supplies and providing superior customer support.

Strong Client Relationships: The Company maintains strong customer ties, built on its reputation for effective work and thorough service. The Company enjoys annual repeat business from 85% of it’s 200+ customers and substantial accounts that go back as far as 19 years.

Rising Gross Profit Trend:  Gross profit during the historical period increased from 24.1% of sales in 2014 to 32.2% of sales by the end of 2016. The Company was able to efficiently control its cost of sales after high growth to maximize gross profit.

Increase in Earnings: The Company experienced strong growth in EBIT, from 3.1% of sales in 2014 to 6.8% of sales in 2016, representing an annual average growth rate of 31.5%.

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