Health care information technology M&A opportunity. $1.7MM Annual Sales  
$910,000 EBITDA*

The Company develops interactive patient education programs for integration with health informatics systems (EMR, patient portals, bedside stations, telemedicine, corporate wellness, and health websites). The solutions are sold as subscriptions to hospitals and healthcare IT vendors.

The Company writes evidence-based content and provides updates to subscribing clients. The Company’s software assets include more than 15,000 multimedia and textual health education items covering health topics in all medical specialties. The software is a leading patient engagement brand that has been used by more than 300 million patients and caregivers.


 Asking Price: Inquire
Gross Revenue: $1,700,000*
EBTIDA: $910,000* 

The Company has identified a $55MM pipeline in the following categories with the following market shares:

The Company has identified a $55MM pipeline in the following categories with the following market shares:

Clients of the Company have implemented its software solutions to:

• Improve patient compliance and satisfaction
• Meet Meaningful Use guidelines.
• Manage patients’ expectations and mitigate the risk of medical malpractice
• Prevent infectious diseases and promote healthy lifestyles
• Standardize health messages across health systems

As of the end of 2017, the Company has no long-term debt; its short-term debt is less than $20K.

*The Company’s annual revenues for the last three years averaged $1.7MM and EBITDA averaged $910K.

The company does not have any client or distributor contract that limits its options to sell the company or assets.

The Company owns the software for all of its content and delivery platforms. 

All of the Company's systems (authoring, SaaS, etc.) are in the cloud. The Company licenses Salesforce for CRM, which houses the contact information of more than 11,000 qualified leads in the patient education and engagement industry. 

In addition to a subscribing client base and more than 15,000 patient education materials and multimedia programs, buyers of the Company would acquire: 

• Leading registered trademarks in patient education.
• A leading position in the Latin American and GCC patient engagement markets.
• A managerial team with a combined 80+ years of experience in healthcare IT and patient engagement.
• Leading national and international clients.
• Other goodwill assets, which include leading website domains, qualified leads, more than three million Facebook fans, and intellectual property.

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