Commercial & Industrial Millwright M&A OpportunityEst. 2018
$8.8+ MM Sales

This second generation Company specializes in industrial machine repair, maintenance, relocation, and installation. The Company’s services include all types of material handling, equipment repairs, revisions, and installation. It is known for moving some of the largest industrial equipment on earth. The Company can handle loads up to 400 tons with its in-house equipment. It primarily services clients within a 100-mile radius of its headquarters in Iowa. It works with, and has on-site contracts with over 200 clients in various markets including, nutrition, steel, aluminum, plastics, transportation, agriculture, and defense.


 Asking Price: Inquire
2017 Gross Revenue: $8,200,000 
2017 EBTIDA: $1,000,000 

Success Drivers

  • Portion of young and active ownership in leadership position willing to remain with new owner
  • Preferred Vendor Status - The Company is the preferred vendor for most of its large clients
  • Many difficult jobs successfully completed - Management is able to solicit a wide array of potential jobs, because of the Company's successful track record of handling difficult projects many riggers would not attempt
  • Very little competition
  • Ideal add-on for construction and engineering firms looking to establish, retain or grow relationships with major midwestern industrial accounts.

GenerationalEquity Logo wideThis Merger & Acquisition Opportunity is available via Marigold Resources' Senior Affiliate Partner status with Generational Equity.

Upon receipt of this completed and digitally executed NDA below, we will follow up by phone and/or e-mail to qualify providing the complete offering memorandum and schedule a time to discuss the opportunity further. 

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