Just How Big is the Gluten-Free Beer Consumer Market in USA? 

New Planet Gluten-Free Craft BeerFounder of New Panet Brew has engaged Marigold Resources to souce a strategic partner capable of addressing the $800MM annual gluten-free beer demand in USA.

Seeking strategic buyer/ partner to expand the business and capitalize on proprietary process in a niche shelf SKU, and growing health minded market. 

New Planet Brewing is an award winning craft beer from Colorado that tastes great and has authenticity that multi-national bottlers/canners cannot duplicate, but it has a proprietary process and ingredient that is unique to all GF beer manufacturers in USA.  Seller wishes to transact on price per barrel for trailing twelve months' production and distribution.  Seller available for up to full-time employment with new owner.


Initially, New Planet distinguished itself by producing great-tasting 100% gluten-free beer. It's founder discovered he was celiac and thus the drive to make the best gluten-free beer possible.  

But as an ever-increasing percent of the population find themselves sensitive to gluten, the brewery wanted to be relevant to everyone who needs to consume less or no gluten. This led to production of a new line of beers that have been brewed with traditional ingredients, but specially crafted to remove gluten.

Contract Brewing Advantages

Packaged production contract allows for: Good margins even at volumes as low as 1000 bbl. Ability to scale up rapidly. Eliminates 12 months needed to scale up most craft brewing start-ups and expansions. Immediate 15,000 BBL capacity that can grow to 100,000 BBL.


Proprietary Recipes, Ingredient & Process Differentials
Authentic, Established Brand & Distribution In Colorado
New Planet Beer flagship Tread Lightly Ale has the lowest CWD for brands that sell in the gluten free door AND the highest $PPT against all other skus. Tread Lightly Ale beats Omission and the rest of the field. New Planet retains national distribution relationships that can be activated with the right strategic partner. New Planet Beer’s record, brand, story and taste delivers the authenticity that the multi-national brands cannot.

Growth & Expansion 

Packaged production contract allows for: Flexibility in a merger or acquisition to shift production where ever most advantageous. Greatly reduce capital investment requirements. Leveraging brewing partners’ production focus. Solid craft beer margins with very attainable potential to improve at larger scale.

Video: Founders Pedro Gonzalez & Seneca Murley on Gluten-Awareness & Markets, Label Transparency, and Vision for a New Planet . . .


Upon receipt of this completed and digitally executed NDA below, we will follow up by phone and/or e-mail to qualify providing the complete offering memorandum and schedule a time to discuss the opportunity further.