leading franchisee pet store retailer in top tier market for sale2019 Est. $11MM Sales | $1MM EBITDA

The Company is a premium pet and pet supplies retailer with multiple leased storefronts in a tier-1 designated market area or DMA located in the Midwest.   

The Company provides over 100,000 active customers a wide variety of live animals, high-quality pet supplies, and an interactive immersive retail experience unique to the marketplace. 


Products & Services

The Company focuses on supplying the highest quality live animals and pet supplies possible to drive a strong regional brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

The following table shows the Company’s product and service breakdown for 2018.

Category   % of 2018 Sales
 Puppies & Kittens   40.0% 
 Pet Supplies   36.0%
 Live Fish & Plants  11.0%
 Dog Food  5.5%
 Other Live Animals  3.5%
 Aquarium & Maitenance Services  2.7%
2018 Sales:  $10,789,000
EBITDA: $981,000
Inventory:   $965,000







Top Franchisee

The Company is one of the largest and most successful independently owned franchisees in the United States. The franchisor is over 45 years old and US based with franchisees in over six countries on three continents.  It has ranked in the top 20 global franchises by a leading business magazine publisher. 

The franchisor is highly supportive to the Company providing access to business consulting and graphic design assistance when needed, as well as group buying discounts to remain competitive with e-commerce providers.

Employee Base

The Company is currently supported by over 60 full-time employees and over 40 part-time employees, in addition to the owners. 

The owner's tasks can readily be delegated to current management, and the owner will remain available to help a new owner with transition as required.

Other employees typically are the primary contact for customers, and also work on the store floors to replenish inventory levels, provide product advice, and facilitate store sales.  

A major focus of the Company's staff training is to educate customers about pets and assist them in making informed choices that improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their pets.

Facilities & Equipment

The Company’s stores are class-leading, and have been continually improved to increase customer appeal and functionality. The current facilities are adequate for expansion in the near-term, and expects the locations to be leased in the future for current rates, approximately $750,000 per year combined. 

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