2016 Sales $4.9MM    |    2016 EBITDA $1.0MM+
2017 Sales $5.3MM    |    2017 EBITDA $1.3MM+ 

This midwesern based company offers commercial and industrial vacuum pump repair service, vacuum pump parts, and complete after-sales support primarily for clients in the meat packing industry. The company also provides a full line of replacement parts, filters, oil and repair kits. They specialize in both remanufactured pumps, and for a growing number of lines, newly manufactured pumps - some of which with all made in USA parts. All pumps come with a warranty equal to or exceeding OEM warranties. 
vacuum-pump-company-for-saleThis company's made in USA pump line has great potential to be disruptive within the industry and niche it serves. 
Continuous enhancements to staffing, HR, CRM, warehouse infrastructure, operating equipment, IT, branding, communications, collateral, website, logistics, and real-time inventory/pump job work flow tracking have all contributed to this company's growth, increased customer base and customer satisfaction.
Horizontal market share gain within the meat-packing industry is the current focus of sales and marketing. Expansion into additional vertical markets that utilize vacuum is part of the long range strategic planning. 

This debt-free business has over $500K in FF&E, over $800K in inven- tory (pumps, parts & supplies). And, the real property and building has an estimated value of $1MM  

The owners are seeking a strategic buyer for an asset purchase agreement based on a competitive multiplier of EBITDA, plus a nominal share in made in USA new pump sales moving forward. 
Post closing, the owners are willing to continue in a role with the new owners to be determined, dependent on the buyer's strengths and capabilities and value of the purchase package.
A detailed Seller's term sheet and offering memorandum is available for qualified buyers. Please complete the digitally signed NDA form below, and upon confirmation of receipt a Marigold Resources advisor will be in contact to review capabilities and acqustiion goals.  This form below is also available at this link, here.