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tonyStrategic Growth Advisor

Often clients are ready to sell, but need to grow profits before they will achieve the exit that's right for their future. Marigold's team that helps would-be seller's plan for and execute that growth is led by Tony Morales. Tony is a business development pro focused on profitable growth strategies. An engineer by training, Morales spent over three decades at Alcoa in sales, product management, and marketing, including the last seven years directing a global aerospace and defense marketing team. Innovation is in Tony's DNA. He earned a half dozen US patents during the 25 years he directed new product development programs across aerospace, automotive, industrial lighting, defense, and railcar markets. Accountable for strategy and profitability, Tony negotiated and partnered with clients of all sizes around the globe, including Boeing, Airbus, SpaceX, Spirit Aero, LMI, Bombardier, and Alenia. This proven team leader also has a passion for problem solving in his own backyard. From directing competitive youth hockey leagues and charitable scholarship foundations, to ministerial food pantry gardening and refereeing high school varsity soccer, Morales cultivates measurable successes in every project he tackles. With his corporate era career behind him, Tony enjoys teaching International Marketing at St. Ambrose University and sharing his penchant for fine wines in group classes across the Quad Cities.

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