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Marigold Resources is proficient at advising businesses like many of these in the lower-mid market with $2 to $30 million in annual sales.

Independently owned since 2011, Marigold Resources is one of Iowa's leading M&A advisory firms.

Value Builder System: 8 Key Drivers

Driver 1: Financial Performance
Driver 2: Growth Potential
Driver 3: Switzerland Structure
Driver 4: The Valuation Teeter Totter
Driver 5: The Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue
Driver 6: The Monopoly Control
Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction
Driver 8: Hub & Spoke

$3.05MM Annual Sales  $482M EBITDA*  ~8,000 BBLs/Year 

Midwest Craft Brewery For Sale

   This 20+ year old company operates as a full-service craft brewery, bar and restaurant. The Company produces approximately 8,000 barrels of beer annually. It has won many craft beer awards and its products are sold at its two Midwestern pubs and through distributors. The Company's products can be found in stores, bars, and restaurants in three Midwestern states.

 The pub and brewery are completely computerized, and have a superior operating system that can be easily duplicated in other geographic regions; inventory control, business development, and proprietary product recipes are all in place that can be used as a framework in new locations.   


 Asking Price: Inquire
Gross Revenue: $3,005,000
EBTIDA: $482,000
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $200,000
FF&E: $800,000

The Company operates through two internal profit centers: retail food and bar (60% of 2016 revenue) and wholesale beer (40%) sales.   The Company serves its over 1,000 wholesale and off-site retail outlets across its native state (55% of 2016 revenue) and two adjacent states (45%).


The Company enjoys an outstanding reputation for providing a high-quality craft brewing and dining experience and has over 20,000 followers on major social media. 


The Company operates from two locations it owns, in the same county.  Both strategic locations can accommodate significantly higher revenues without major facility improvements or capital equipment expenditures. Both locations will be sold in tandem with the Company's enterprise operations. 


* Top line and EBITDA values are three year average for 2014-2016.   Link to digitally signed NDA, here. Or use the form below.