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1. Access & Usage Concept Slides Presented April 27, 2021 by Larry McDonald 

2. Regulatory & Maintenance Research Slides Presented April 27, 2021 by Jeff Moore

3. Objectives & Contacts to Show Your Support

4. Video from April 27 Fair Shake Meeting Summarzing Alignment

5. Video Example of High Tech Waterfall in Osaka, Japan

6. Media Coverage 

Access & Usage Concepts by Larry McDonald


Regulatory & Maintenance Research by Jeff Moore

Vets Pier Status as of May 2021:

There's still time to give this concept a Fair Shake and see if the market will support a world class attraction. 

#1 Objective is to secure a variance on the Iowa DOT pending bid specifications for old I-74 bridge demo 

#2 Objective is to secure consensus from Moline political leadership to secure Objective #1. 

#3 Objective is to empower Moline citizens to directly engage their city representatives to secure Objective #2. 
Click here to download a one page sheet of phone #'s and emails for mayor and city council members.

Two-click your support if you're a Moliner, using these links:  

Mayor: Sangeetha Rayapati, 1st Ward Alderman: Scott Williams, 2nd Ward Alderman: Alvaro Macias, 3rd Ward Alderman: Mike Wendt, 4th Ward Alderman: Matt Timon, 5th Ward Alderman: Sam Moyer, 6th Ward Alderman: Pat O'Brien, 7th Ward Alderman: Mike Waldron, Alderman at Large: James Patrick Schmidt

#4 Objective is to inspire all others to tell Moline, "Build it and we will come and spend money in downtown Moline!"

Call the numbers below to pledge your support, or invest 30 seconds per contact and one click each of the email contacts below.  

Renew Moline (309) 762-9190 Email them your support

Moline Foundation (309) 736-3800 Email them your support

Visit Quad Cities (309) 736-6820 Email them your support

Q2030 Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce (563) 823-2686 Email them your support