The Marigold Team

Chris Barnard
Managing Partner


Todd McGreevy
Managing Partner


Larry McDonald
Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein
Digital Media Advisor


Bill Karben
Accounting & Valuation Advisor


John Mack
Business Appraiser


John Crowe
Senior M & A Advisor


Market proven resources & results 

Plan your personal and business exit with confidence. 

Business owners engage Marigold Resources to be understood and profitably align expectations. 

Independently owned since 2011, Marigold Resources is one of Iowa's leading M&A advisory firms. 

Marigold Resources is proficient at advising owners of businesses like many of these in the lower-mid market with $2 to $30 million in annual sales. 

We've navigated business owners through complex closings with publicly traded companies and facilitated many national top tier accounting firms' quality of earnings projects. 

And, we've been matchmaker amidst competing full-price offers to ensure founder and key staff are secure post-closing.

Our most meaningful engagements are with business owners who develop achievable, profitable and intentional exit goals. 

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How we strike gold for our customers 

When founders-owners embrace value-building to further control their exit strategy . . . and our expertise helps answer those needs . . . we all strike gold.

Your business transition is directly managed by Marigold Resources' founding partners Chris Barnard and Todd McGreevy. 

These managing partners are expert listeners and are involved as little or as much as your journey requires. 

Our services range from advising on doubling your business' value over time, to generating actionable exit offers in the near future. 

Practicing good business in our book includes non-disclosure agreements, an expectation of confidentiality, and plain-language signed agreements.

Scope of Services & References 

Your personal and business exit strategy are amongst the most important lifetime considerations. 

We diligently work to understand both you and your business' unique needs and circumstances.

Marigold's expertise, contacts and resources are market-proven in helping $5 to $25 million businesses plan and execute successful growth and exit strategies. 

Our scope of services include: 

  • Rules of Thumb by Industry Report

  • Value Builder Score & Estimate of Value 

  • Personal Readiness to Exit Analysis 

  • Value Builder System Business Coaching 

  • Sales Pipeline Programming & Marketing 

  • Brand Optimization & Business Development

  • Historical Financial EBITDA/SDE Analysis 

  • Diligence Documentation Management 

  • Confidential Blind Profile Copywriting 

  • Prospective Buyer List Building & Sourcing 

  • Offering Memorandum Copywriting & Publishing 

  • Confidential Reserve Buyer Marketing 

  • Confidential Worldwide Marketing

  • Buyer Confidentiality NDA & Screening

  • Purchase Offer Development & Analysis

  • Transactional Attorney & Taxation Accountaing Referral

  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation

  • Deal Team Leadership & Alignment

  • Hassle Free Due Diligence Fulfillment

  • Closing Documentation Coordination

  • Secure Project Management & Archiving

A list of Marigold's customers/references is found at this link, here.

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Plan your personal and business exit with confidence 

Customers engage Marigold Resources to understand and profitably align expectations with target outcomes. 

The lowest risk, highest reward solution Marigold Resources offers is the Our Day in Davenport workshop. 

Getting out of your office and gathering a new perspective for one whole day should include a specific road map to your planned successful exit. 

Our Day in Davenport is a relaxing and revealing valuation and growth workshop. 

It's exclusive to your business, confidentially conductedby Marigold's founders, Chris Barnard and Todd McGreevy. 

Our Day in Davenport workshop includes:

  • Confirming 42 Answers to Your Business' Value Builder Score

  • Confirming Top 3 Drivers to Grow Scenario Value 

  • Confirming Financial Records' Market Viability 

  • Thumbnail EBITDA Calculations for up to 5 Years 

  • Business Classification Code Analysis 

  • Confirming Current and Future Estimate of Value 

  • Confirming 15 Answers to your Personally Ready to Exit Score (PREScore)

  • Roadmap for Next Steps and Engagement Options 

Learn more at

Marigold's Our Day in Davenport Growth and Valuation Workshop

Marigold Resources is VALUE Builder Certified

90 second video.
< 15 minute questionnaire.
Get your score, now.

Does your Value Builder Score need improving? Marigold gets results.