The value of your brand
Understanding the value of one's business’ brand is tough.

Marigold.CrossroadsPhoto1And, this doesn’t get easier when the business is in transition. Because a dollar value most often must be assigned to a business’ brand when the business is for sale, brand optimization is critical.

Marigold Resources provides the skills and experience to help both business buyers and sellers make the most of a business’ brand.

Understand, your brand is made up of the promises your business makes and how well you keep those promises. Large companies enjoy some economies of scale, but they play by the same rules smaller companies do, too.

How we help business sellers optimize their brands
Often times as a business matures, it becomes easy for the owner to neglect the business brand. After all, if a business has a customer base and a cash flow, why mess with anything that isn’t broken?

That’s not a rhetorical question. Businesses, especially in their first years, survive on their owners’ ability to quickly react to problems at hand. Strategic planning and brand building, while desirable, often have to happen as time and energy permit.

Marigold Resources Advisors, through training and experience, can quickly recognize where a business may have a branding deficiency.

Often these deficiencies are quite minor; a missing sales brochure, a key piece of information that hasn’t made it to the website or some neglected social media. If it’s minor, Marigold Resources can move toward a remedy, the business will appear more attractive while it’s up for sale, and present and future owners will enjoy the efficiency.

If it’s a strategic issue, that will best be solved by the new owner. Like selling a house, you would expect a good real estate salesperson to tell you the cost-effective things that can easily increase the curb appeal, and value, of your house.

You would also expect them to advise you not to do the things, like room additions and swimming pools, that are unlikely to contribute to an increased bottom line.

We can assist in every aspect of business grooming required -- from accounting to marketing and product research to sales development.

How we help business buyers optimize their brands
Pride of ownership is part of the American Dream and for some new business owners, it’s a very heady moment. They’ve talked to their friends and family about the new venture, and been assured it’s a great idea. They see name changes, product changes, promotion changes.

Change in any business can be a relatively expensive proposition. Marigold Resources objectively advises buyers on the costs of these changes, and the return on such investments.


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