67146 iStock 1347150429The Company provides auto repair and preventative maintenance services, leveraging its knowledge and expertise to best serve customers. They employ ASE Certified technicians to perform their wide spectrum of preventative maintenance and mechanical repair services for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The Company’s extensive service offerings include exhaust and brake services, catalytic converter replacement, tires, shocks, and struts maintenance, engine diagnostics, alignments, and fluid flushes. In addition, the Company utilizes a digital vehicle inspection process, elevating its commitment to high-quality total car care. 

Company Stats:

  • 2022 Revenue: $1.89MM
  • 2022 EBITDA: $385K
  • 2023 Revenue (Projected): $2.30MM
  • 2023 EBITDA (Projected): $585K
  • 660+ Active Accounts
  • 52% Repeat Business


Outstanding Growth Opportunities: 
Several opportunities exist for the Company to significantly increase revenue and profit, including leveraging the Company’s proven reputation to expand its preventative maintenance services. These opportunities are easily attainable given the appropriate investments in capital and human resources.

Scalable Operating Expenses: 
The Company has built an effective organization capable of sustaining projected growth. The Company maintains fixed operating expenditures, and future revenue growth will greatly improve profitability. Any increase in revenue will not result in meaningful changes to projected operating expenses.

Diversified Customer Base: 
The Company has developed an excellent reputation within the local area for supplying high-quality and high-value auto repair and preventative maintenance services. Over the historical period, the Company experienced no significant customer concentration. A diversified customer base helps ensure that the Company will not be significantly impacted by the loss of a single account. 


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