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The Company is one of the largest and best equipped RV and marine retail and service centers in its state. The northwestern Iowa business offers a wide variety of exceptional recreational products at competitive prices including Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and Toy Haulers.

The Company’s highly experienced service technicians received ongoing training with the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure repairs are completed right the first time.

The Company operates from a new and expanded 22,000 square foot showroom and Parts & Accessories store. It also has a 15,000 storage facility. Both facilities are Company-owned.

  • 2021 Revenue: $6,400,000
  • 2021 EBITDA: $441,000
  • 2022 Revenue Est.: $6,700,000
  • 2022 EBITDA Est.: $461,000


  • Over 56 yrs. of operations
  • > 3,000 active accounts
  • 5 FT & 2 PT employees


  • Product Line Expansion
  • Develop Sales/Marketing
  • Geographic Expansion


  • Rising Gross Profit Trend - The Company’s gross profit margin increased over the historical period from 17.2% of sales in 2018 to 18.7% of sales in 2020, and is expected to increase over the pro forma period.
  • Excellent Reputation and Client Relationships - Over it’s long tenure, the Company has built an extensive list of thousands of loyal customer with a >50% rate of repeat business.
  • One-stop Solution - The Company offers retail of new and used vehicles, a fully equipped service staffed with highly experienced technicians, and a parts & accessories store.
  • Strong Supplier Relationships - The Company has long-term relationships with its vendor base. The Company has multiple vendors for each of the materials it utilizes in order to reduce the risk of losing a single supplier.


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