Reliable OnShore Staff & Strong Customer List

The business serves hospitals, clinics, and group practices with tailored transcription services, guaranteed turnaround times and exceptionally accurate results at competitive pricing.



Work From Home Staffing: This medical transcription company has superior professional and experienced staff consisting of 2 team leaders, 10+ full-time transcriptionists, 10+ part-time transcriptionists, 5 full-time QA, 2 part-time QA. This team is all on shore and works from home in over 18 different US states.

CQA & Customer Concentration: The business practices Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) standards and has full-time salaried Comprehensive Quality Assessment staff to meet its 98% accuracy standards. Customer Concentration 1 = 39% 2 = 34% 3 = 4% 4 = 4% 5 = 4% 6 = 3% 7 = 2% 8 – 18 = 8%


Leading Platform:  The sellers have extensive MTSO experience and leaders in the industry who built this additional MTSO brand and company from scratch after their non-compete from the sale of a prior business ended. The business' records, employee manuals/standards, software integration, work flow and best practices are among the most thorough and effective in the industry.


Support & Training: Sellers will finance up to 20% of the list price below. Six months support for new owner included in purchase price. Seller will consult for six additional months for $2k/month.

Reason for Selling: Retiring.

 Asking Price: $300,000
Trailing 12 Months Sales: $1,100,000
2018 EBITDA:  $60,000

Upon receipt of this completed and digitally executed NDA below, we will follow up by phone and/or e-mail to qualify providing the complete offering memorandum and schedule a time to discuss the opportunity further. 

Direct link to the NDA, here.

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