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David Fairley estimates he has sold more than 20 online properties, but admits it was the sale of—one of his first exits—that taught him the most.

Fairley had grown into a seven-figure website with a pre-tax profit of more than $300,000 when he decided to put it up for sale. He received a “low seven-figure” offer and agreed to meet with the buyer.

That’s when things started to unravel.

The buyer questioned Fairley’s bookkeeping and dropped their price to around $700,000. Exhausted, Fairley felt cornered and decided the only thing he could do was to accept the lower price. 


In this cautionary episode, you’ll learn:

- How acquirers use an opening offer to bait sellers into a conversation

- How sloppy bookkeeping can derail a deal

- The dangers of over-valuing your business

- The worst time to sell your business

- The tell-tale sign that an earn-out contract will never be paid

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Name Your Price, I’ll Set The Terms - was a successful online business, so when founder David Fairley put it up for sale, he was confident it would fetch a king’s ransom. Only problem? It didn’t.

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