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Marigold Resources' Exit Strategies for Business Owners

toddManaging Partner

Marigold Resources' co-founder Todd McGreevy excels at distilling and distributing relevant data that expedites transactions.

McGreevy was running two media & advertising companies, plus a real estate holding company when managing partner Chris Barnard invited him to create the high-touch midwestern M&A firm in 2011.

McGreevy's decades of independent publishing, sales & marketing experience, software start ups, urban pioneering, and civic activism enrich the customers he advises on growing and selling their business.

As one of the managing partners at Marigold Resources, McGreevy manages all actionable deal flow including offers, due diligence, and closing requirements. In addition, McGreevy is proficient at navigating financial records, complex re-casting and working capital formulas.

He's exhibited his mixed-media art works in galleries and universities, helped found MidCoast Fine Arts, and was on the board of directors that established the Figge Art Museum.

Todd's been a valuation expert witness in federal proceedings, and led several local and state campaigns for public office. He enjoys supporting a vibrant local music and art scene and in his spare time raises bonsai trees.

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