tonyCertified Value Builder Coach

Tony Grau is a Certified Value Builder™ using a proven system for boosting the value of the companies Marigold works with. Tony has decades of diverse business experience in both corporate positions with Deere and Company and his entrepreneurial ventures.

He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Iowa. His career has taken him around the world working with small and large manufacturing businesses to develop strategic plans and improve their cost structure.

His expertise in operations management, cost management and global sourcing helps clients become world class organizations. Tony also has personal knowledge of the business buying and selling process. He has bought and sold multiple businesses in a variety of industries in both franchise and non-franchise models and in industries as diverse as Automobile Restoration Shops to Digital Imaging Centers.

He is currently the managing director of Competition One Racing and President of G5 Global Partners. Tony brings real life experience in the complex world of growing and selling a business. He helps owners discover their company's hidden value and how acquirers will evaluate the opportunities and challenges. With Tony's coaching, business owners are able to hone in and focus on the highest ROI to grow value.

Connect with Tony via LinkedIn, or give him a call at 563-363-3009.

Three Ways to Start Building Value Now

Building the value of your company gives you a killer advantage in the game of life. 

You can choose to sell if you get an outlandish offer or sleep well at night knowing you could sell.

The hallmark of a valuable company is one that can run without you, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, you also have the option to hold on to it without the stress of running your company on a day-to-day basis.

A valuable business is also a sought-after asset, making it more likely that you will get an unsolicited offer for your business. This gives you negotiating leverage when you decide to sell.

Use these complimentary tools above to understand how close you are to having the ultimate poker hand with your business.