Marigold Resources Office at 308 E River Drive in Davenport, Iowa

Marigold Resources is proficient at advising businesses in the lower-mid market with $5 to $25 million in annual sales.

Independently owned since 2011, Marigold Resources is one of Iowa's leading M&A advisory firms.

Value Builder System: 8 Key Drivers

Driver 1: Financial Performance
Driver 2: Growth Potential
Driver 3: Switzerland Structure
Driver 4: The Valuation Teeter Totter
Driver 5: The Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue
Driver 6: The Monopoly Control
Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction
Driver 8: Hub & Spoke

The Marigold Team

Chris Barnard
Managing Partner


Todd McGreevy
Managing Partner


Larry McDonald
Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein
Digital Media Advisor


Bill Karben
Accounting & Valuation Advisor


John Mack
Business Appraiser


John Crowe
Senior M & A Advisor


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The Business has been beekeeping for nearly 70 years. The Business has been continuously operated for four generations by the same family. They currently have 1,800 live bee hives, 500 dead hives, 11,000+ shallow Supers for honey capturing, and two 84-frame extractors.

The Business currently has working relationships with over 75 regional farmers and property owners for seasonal hive placements. The business ships 4-5 semi-trailers of bees per year to California & Arizona generating substantial rents from grove operators. In addition, the Business is a member of a national honey co-op. 

This business can be relocated.


  • Asking Price: $300K
  • 2021 Gross Sales: $517K
  • 2021 SDE: $92K
  • Includes $200K in FF&E
  • Includes $600,000 in Seller proposed Inventory value for hives and supers 
  • Real Estate: Not included asking price. Seller wishes to sell real estate with business. More information available for qualified buyers who sign NDA.



garden pet retailer iStock 1227441199Long-standing, reputable garden and pet retailer with two locations. The Business offers a wide variety of services ranging from pet services, small animal boarding, water and soil testing, small engine repairs, lawn and garden supplies, nursery plants, holiday accessories and more. Through online sales, the Business ships garden and pet supplies across the country. 

One retail location is approximately 10,000+ sq. ft. which includes the main store, warehouse, and greenhouse on 1+ acres with approximately 40 parking spaces. The second retail location is 16,000+ sq. ft. main store, shop, warehouse, and greenhouses, on 1 acre with approximately 20 parking spaces. This facility has a newer roof, new awning, and blacktop with striped parking lot. 

  • Asking Price: $1.5MM
  • 2021 Gross Sales: $4.2MM
  • 2020 Gross Sales: $3.8MM
  • EBITDA: $285K (3-Year Weighted Average)
  • 2021 SDE: $330K
  • Includes $290K in FF&E
  • Includes $469K in Inventory
  • Real Estate: Not included asking price. Seller wishes to sell real estate with business. More information available for qualified buyers who sign NDA.


daycare iStock 485447332


The Kids Corner in Coal Valley, Illinois provides quality care in a learning environment to ages of children range from 24 months to 6 years. They offer opportunities for children to take part in activities, interact with peers and adults as well as develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. 

Their staff consists of experienced, certified, and continually trained educators that regularly participate in educational seminars. The Business is certified to provide care for 44 children.

DCFS licensing is required to operate as well as regular inspections from the Health Department and Fire Marshall. 

  • Asking Price: $175,000
  • Gross Sales: $331,000
  • 2021 SDE: $45,000
  • Includes $50,000 in FF&E
  • Rate increase to all students on 2/1/23 with an additional $30K in annual profits
  • Real Estate: $275,000* - Leased annually at $30,000
    *Not included in asking price
    *Business owner wishes to sell the property with the business

AmPub iStock 624546890

American pub and restaurant located in western Illinois offering breakfast and lunch service in addition to appetizers and specials, 7-days a week. The Business owns and operates an Aloha POS system, seats 133, has an outdoor patio, and offers gaming machines for additional revenue. An Illinois gaming license is required. 

The Business is a turn-key operation with minimal competition in the immediate area.

  • Asking Price: $175,000
  • 2022 Gross Revenue: $1.2MM (Estimated)
  • Includes $25,000 in inventory
  • Includes $179,000 in FF&E
  • Commercial Property & Building Seller Valuation*: $500,000 
  • *Not included in asking price
    *Business owner wishes to sell property with the business