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Today, video is everywhere: it’s not just on the TV, it’s on our phones, laptops, tablets, and billboards. Video is the new standard for advertising, as well: having videos made for your business is no longer considered a luxury, or only for multi-billion dollar corporations like Google and Apple. Corporate video has become an industry standard, but there are more ways to utilize company videos than you may realize. This article will discuss the types out there, and how one could benefit your company.

• Company profile
• Promotional
• Industrial
• Internal Communication
• Recruiting
• How-To/Training
• Testimonial
• Corporate Events
• Corporate Documentary
• CSR Video

Read More about 10 types of Corporate Videos or View previously produced videos below

Nelson Brothers - Testimonial 1

This testimonial by Lonna Woods, a long time QC resident and Ruhl&Ruhl manager, was sponsored by Pekin Insurance and done as a part of Nelson Brothers Agency's "" campaign. A short 30 second commercial of the testimonial ran via local Mediacom cable, while the longer testimonial was promoted via social media. Lonna talks about her experience with Nelson Brothers Agency Insurance who found them a carrier that got them the coverage they wanted and added a policy that ended up paying off when there basement flooded after a duck creek overflow.


08 February 2017



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